Simple Database


Simple Database is a small wrapper library that will allow you to create and manage your save files in a quick and efficient way, taking care of the serialization details and the setup of a lightweight database. This asset was possible thanks to the following third party libraries:

The backbone of this asset is a lightweight database, which allows it to shine the brightest when it matters the most: when the save files are big and threaten to become a bottleneck for your application. But this asset is more than just a faster solution; you will be able to split your game saves into different files, providing a simple, reliable and well-organized solution for your needs.

To be able to save any kind of object into the database, Simple Database uses Newtonsoft Json.NET for Unity3D. That will allow you to serialize and store any kind of object and recover it effortlessly.

Simple Database is much more powerful when combined with the free asset by Wanyzee Studio: Json.NET Converters - Simple compatible solution. This asset will allow you to serialize Unity types out of the box and without any kind of configuration needed so I highly recommend grabbing it if you need to serialize any of the Unity types.

If you downloaded the Json Converters assets and are having problems with dictionaries just delete the following script: WanzyeeStudio > Scripts > Runtime > Concrete > Json > DictionaryConverter




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